I am ZAIDI SAYED and I am running for Nevada State Assembly - District 42 as an 
INDEPENDENT candidate against established political parties. Please help me to 
WIN Nevada State Assembly - District 42 Election, 2020. 
Your generous support is highly appreciated.

While I will be in the office, I aim to tackle the following 
issues that our community is currently facing: 

SECURITY in the neighborhood, shopping plazas, parking lots, schools, and school buses
ECONOMY and local business issues - Creating more jobs and bringing more 
businesses to the district
Freedom from gender/ethnicity-based INEQUALITY  
Improve HEALTH CARE for all 
Improve the EDUCATION system and funding

I will reduce challenges through legislative action and support construction, 
rehabilitation, and expansion of community-oriented projects. 

My vision is to create an accessible system that listens to the concern of 
constituents and find resources to help the district succeed. 

I will be your strong voice in the Nevada State Assembly.  

ZAIDI Sayed ”SM”
Nevada State Assembly District 42


They say Privileges,